Aletheia Annnouncements 9/9/22

We have the chance to invite Claire to our church. Please let us know if you want to commit to joining this event.

Aletheia Announcements 9/22/2021

Rolling out our Outreach Culture on Monday, October 04th, at our Open Leadership Team Meeting (Not August 04th, as said once in the video)

Aletheia Announcements 8/18/21

Setting our room on September 04th and 11th

Outreach Strategy in the fall

Aletheia Questionnaire

Gifts of the Spirit Workshop

We'd like to know from all members whether we would like to commit to the "Gifts of the Spirit" workshop on October 23rd. Please let us know by this Sunday whether you would like to come to this session.

Church Anniversary this weekend

Social activity on Saturday + Celebration Service on Sunday

Aletheia Announcements 6/10/21

With the lifting of many Corona restrictions, there are quite a few changes to our schedule and activities in June and July

- Service format changes
- Small Group changes
- Church Lunch on June 20th
- Guys hiking trip on July 03rd
- Women's Conference on July 11th
- Church anniversary on July 17th and 18th

Kickoff "Freedom in Christ" Group

Details to our new "Freedom in Christ" group that we will start this week

Introduction to our "Inner Healing Small Group" this Friday

This Friday, we'll discuss with each other what kind of "Inner Healing Small Group" we would like to run in the coming weeks.

Join us at 6:30pm in our regular virtual room

Aletheia Announcements 4/8/21

Service resuming this Sunday

New Virtual Room for our online meetings

Guys fellowship on Sunday

Budget Meeting on Monday

What's next about "Women in leadership"?

Now that we studied all these materials, what's next?