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Is Christianity for me?

In western societies our values and live goals often look like this:
"If it feels good and does not hurt anyone, it is OK to do it."
"You only live once! Therefore cram as many experiences as possible into this limited lifetime."
"Be independant and self-reliant. Ultimately, you can only count on yourself."

But is there more to life than that? More than just chasing the next good experience, the next promition, the next awesome holiday, the next great relationship? Is it possible to build deep, meaningful relationships with other people, if everyone is only looking out for number one?
If you are wresteling with these questions, join the explorer group and find out what Christianity has to say about these topics.

No question to hard, no topic is tabu

Do you have objections to the Christian faith? Tell us! Doubts about what Christians claim? Let us examine the claim and the your doubts together.

  • Is Christianity relevant in the 21st Century?
  • Why did Jesus have to die?
  • What is sin and does God hate sinners?
  • Why are Christians so judgemental (narrow-minded, hypocritical, self-rightous, intolerant, ...)?
  • If God is love - like Christians claim - why is there so much suffering in the word?

The explore group course structure

The course starts with an introduction session. The session is free, its open for everyone to participate. All potential participants for the next explorer group course eat together, then the course is introduced and those that are interested to join an explorer group can then sign up for an exlporer group.

Based on the number of participants, one or more groups are put together by deciding a weekday and location that suits the participants. Usually, there is at least one group meeting at the church facilities.

After the first two or three sessions, the groups will then be "closed", meaning that no new members are allowed to join until a new explorer group starts. This shall allow participants to get to know each other and start building trust within the group.
Each session starts with a home cooked meal that the participants have together. During this part of the course we encourage participants to get to know one another. If you enjoy cooking, you can of course also cook for the group yourself or help the host to prepare the meal.

After the meal the group will listen to a short talk about one of the basic claims of the Christian Faith. Topics are for example "Who is Jesus?", "What does Easter have to do with me?"

The third part of each session is then the discussion of the topic that was introduced. We encourage all participants to come to their own conclusion on the particular topic. Everyone can voice their opinion, ask questions and share doubts. A general rule of thumb is that the more honest you are with the group and with yourself, the more will you get out of this course.
For the discussion part we always say that "No question or comment is too simple, too difficult or too hostile".


If you already are a Christian, please get in touch with us and we can decide together if the Explorer Group is the right fit for you: explorer@aicmunich.org
The short answer: Anyone who wants to learn about Christianity.

The slighly longer answer:
  • You believe that there is a God but you are not sure if Christianity's got it right? Join the course, hear the Christian claim and discuss it in an open-minded discussion.
  • You are going to Church, but it never really "clicked" for you? Join the course, explore together with us the areas of the Christian faith that you are not certain about.
  • You struggle with the deep philosophical questions of life? "Where do we come from?" "What happens when we die?" This is the place for you. We would love to hear your ideas and believes and share ours with you.
  • You know some "religous" people who's mindset and attitude are intriguing and you want to finally want to figure out what makes them tick? Join the course and pick our brains!
  • You are annoyed by Christians and their know-it-all attitude? Join the course and tell us what off ... but please be polite about it. Christians are humans, too.

If you are not sure if this course is suitable for you, please get in touch and we will sort you out.
Email us at explorer@aicmunich.org
Of course you can invite a friend to join the course. The course starts with an introduction session, where the speaker introduces the course and that is a great opportunity to bring a friend as well. If possible we would ask you to let us know in advance, so that we know how many people to cook for.

Depending on the number of people that attend an explorer course people might be split into different groups. At the introduction session you can also let us know if want to join the same group as your friend.
That depends largely on the participants. At the introduction session we ask the participants which week days are possible for them to join an exporer group. Based on the number of participants groups can be held on multiple days. Saturdays often work out well for most people.
The locations for the course depend on the participants. At least one group will meet at the Church and will use the Church worship room. Other groups might meet at the home of someone from the church who hosts the group.
One group consists of at most twelve participants. If more people register for the course, people are assigned to groups based on their prefered day and location for the meeting.
The course is completely free for the participants. Costs for meals, material and so on are paid for by the church.
A donation box is set up at each location for voluntary contributions.