Why some people do believe the Bible does NOT approve of women in leadership

Women in leadership Part 3: Exegesis vs. Eisegesis

Women in leadership Part 3: Exegesis vs. Eisegesis

Aletheia Announcements: 2/15/21

APIC Conference next week and guys fellowship this Sunday

Aletheia Announcements 2/10/21

Discussions on our "Prayer Focus" at our small group this Friday Invitation to join the APIC conference (https://www.apic.network/)

Women in Leadership (Part 2)

Heart Attitudes that we need to be careful about

Women in leadership (Part 1)

Heart Attitudes

Aletheia Announcements 2/2/21

"Praying for our church" extended until Feb. 12th

Aletheia Announcements 1/22/21

FFP2 Masks, Sponsoring Erick from Kenya and "Women in Leadership"

Aletheia Announcements 12/21/20

Schedule during Christmas Week and Prayer Focus for January

Aletheia Announcements: 12/15/2020

Still meeting this Sunday + Prayer Focus for January